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‘That Day’ spans over three decades’ worth of photographs taken by Laura Wilson during her extensive explorations around America.

The exhibition includes photographs of the Hutterites, a group of hermetic people established in 1870s America and Canada, whose beliefs are strongly against photography.

'Breaking news: turning the lens on mass media' highlights the extent to which the media has infiltrated people's lives and shaped their perceptions of current events.

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Her rarely exhibited work captures the diverse spirit of the American West, including its vast landscapes and characterful locals.What the average citizen thinks of when he hears the term, however, is something midway between these two occurrences, something more akin to what the police profession knows as "alley court"—the wanton vicious beating of a person in custody, usually while handcuffed, and usually taking place somewhere between the scene of the arrest and the station house.Mārtiņš Baumanis, Nikolajs Heņķis (1864–1934), Pēteris Korāts (1871–1957), Māris Muktupāvels, Valdis Muktupāvels, Biruta Ozoliņa, Latvīte Podiņa, Laima Jansone, Jānis Poriķis (1909–1992), Aloizijs Jūsmiņš (1915–1979; concert kokles) (kūkle) is a Latvian plucked string instrument (chordophone) belonging to the Baltic box zither family known as the Baltic psaltery along with Lithuanian kanklės, Estonian kannel, Finnish kantele, and Russian gusli.Cases of police brutality appear to have been frequent then, with "the routine bludgeoning of citizens by patrolmen armed with nightsticks or blackjacks." Large-scale incidents of brutality were associated with labor strikes, such as the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, the Pullman Strike of 1894, the Lawrence textile strike of 1912, the Ludlow massacre of 1914, the Steel strike of 1919, and the Hanapepe massacre of 1924.Portions of the populations may perceive the police to be oppressors.

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